Robert J. Bruce

Since the late 1970s, Canadian composer/pianist Robert Bruce has developed an original music style he calls "Blues-Impressionistic". Robert's volumes of "Blues-Impressionistic" solo piano music and his collection of artsongs entitled "Songs of Light and Shadow" are the centrepieces of his catalogue and the works most often featured in his live performances. His catalogue also includes piano repertoire for students, music for film, television, and animation, and many ensemble/orchestral works.


Recordings by Robert Bruce are played on classical and ambient radio stations internationally and used extensively in film and TV programmes worldwide, such as:


  • "Antiques Road Trip" (2011 - 2017 BBC TV series, many episodes)
  • "Coast" (2011 - 2017, many episodes)
  • "Being Canadian" (a 2016 National Film Board film)
  • "Bridezillas" (2013 - 2016, many episodes)
  • "Rogue" (2016, several episodes in the TV series)
  • "Behind the Magic - The Making of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" (2015, TV movie produced by ABC)
  • "Big Wind" (a 2015 TVO documentary)
  • "Swarovski by Sedar Global" (2015, commercial for crystal-embellished drapery)
  • "Dancing With the Stars" (2015, one episode in the TV series)
  • "The Hungover Games" (a 2014 Hollywood film)
  • Honda commercial during 2012 Superbowl: "Matthew's Day Off"
  • "20/20" with Barbara Walters (2012)
  • "The Babymakers" (2012, a Hollywood film starring Paul Schneider and Olivia Munn; background music in the opening scene in the restaurant)


Primarily self-taught, by his early twenties, Robert had begun a personal study of the connection between spirituality and music. He believes that music and creative expression are inherently uplifting; the key element for creative/artistic fulfillment is fully engaging one's own natural abilities and inclinations.


Robert regularly presents his popular Live Music with Silent Film programmes. These are a natural for Robert, who, as a composer, has specialized for many years in multimedia and multidisciplinary projects and who, in his formative years, was considerably inspired by the spirit of theatre, vaudeville and early cinema. His music is considered "highly visual" and his scores, which are simultaneously traditional and mildly contemporary sounding, truly breathe new life into the films and connect them with today's audience.


In Robert's neoclassical "Songs of Light and Shadow" concert, specially-produced short films flow seamlessly as a backdrop to his original songs and piano interludes.


Robert's contemplative "Stillness and Echoes" solo piano performance is a tranquil experience of Canadian nature, built heritage, and artworks.


In 2007, Robert completed his first book In Between the Lines - Book One which outlines the philosophy of music he discovered and with which he familiarized himself over many years. His second book, In Between the Lines - Book Two, completed in 2012, details his highly intuitive approach to composing music.


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