Classic silent films presented with original scores by Robert Bruce...

Robert Bruce's performance at the Old Town Hall was amazing. The films were classic Keaton, but it was Mr. Bruce's compositions that brought the images to life. We can't wait till his next appearance!
~ Barbara Tanner-Billings, Facility Manager, Old Town Hall, Waterford


Experience the magic of some of the most outstanding silent films of the 1920s presented with scores composed and played live by Robert Bruce... Robert provides the 1920s films on DVD and/or digital format and appears in person to perform his original scores live in each presentation.


These programmes offer you an opportunity to rediscover the lost art of the pre-sound era and experience first-hand how silent film was originally presented... Live Music with Silent Film programmes offer the spontaneity of a live concert coupled with the charm and nostalgia of classic 1920s silent cinema. It is an experience that any  music, dramatic and/or cinematic arts aficionado will cherish. Fun and engaging for families and film-goers of all ages.


Films Starring Buster Keaton:

  • Three Ages (comedy, 1923, 63 min.)
  • Sherlock Jr. (comedy, 1924, 44 min.)
    usually presented with the short
    The Balloonatic (comedy, 1923, 22 min.) 
  • The General (comedy, 1926, 75 min.)
  • Steamboat Bill Jr. (comedy, 1928, 69 min.)
  • The Cameraman (comedy, 1928, 76 min.)





Other Films:

  • Faust (drama produced by F.W. Murnau, 1926, approx. 110 min.)
  • It (light comedy starring Clara Bow, 1927, approx. 77 min.)
  • Safety Last (comedy starring Harold Lloyd, 1923, approx. 80 min.)
  • Comedy Shorts Grab Bag (a selected short silent comedy by each of the great masters Chaplin, Keaton, Harold Lloyd and Harry Langdon, approx 80 minutes)


 A remarkable composer, Robert Bruce's silent film/live music concerts have been the performances our audiences have enjoyed the most. I highly recommend them!
~ Lisa Mahoney, Audience Development Coordinator, Cambridge Galleries


Contact Robert Bruce to put on a Live Music with Silent Film event for you! 


Technical Requirements: Robert Bruce's Live Music with Silent Film programmes are quite easy to prepare for. All that is needed, (aside from the room/venue with a screen or a flat, blank wall for viewing films), is an acoustic piano in good working order, a DVD player, and a digital projector.

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