Unending scale

we dare to play

for all the seed conditions of life

are always in our hearts


Mortal coil

our chances to love

but all our windows of time

were just like time itself


Reaching back

the water gone under the bridge

with all that we inherit from the past

we live for all tomorrow



All of My Tomorrows


Till we meet again

like a candle and a flame

I can hold you in my thoughts

and let the world go around and around


And in all of my tomorrows

I can always see you there

and be there…


By the sea again

what is stronger than the spirit

we hold within our hearts

and have forever and ever to send?


And if all of my tomorrows

travel farther than the breeze

then it just might be enough

for me to say…


Come to me again

like the flowers in the Spring

I will hold you in my arms

and show you over and over again


To give all of my tomorrows

although just a breath of time

is the only way to say

what it was in the beginning

so will be…


Can we see the end?

so much farther than it seems

so we hold the open road to find

the sun rising day after day


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