Stillness and Echoes


"Stillness and Echoes" is an enchanting live music experience featuring a continuous set of original piano pieces with the artistry of classical music as well as the meditative purpose of ambient sound. As in a Taizé service, listeners are uplifted to a state in which they can set aside their stress and soften some of the rough edges.


Uniquely integrated with projected, specially-produced moving images depicting Canadian landscapes, architecture, and artwork, these piano compositions are designed to foster a deeper appreciation for our environment and the need to protect our air, soil, and water.
Collectively, human health is truly dependent upon a healthy environment, which is why we cannot underestimate importance of taking responsibility for our impact on the Earth.  Multi-disciplinary and multi-media education, outreach and advocacy activities promoting understanding of the relationship between humanity and the rest of nature are keys to public engagement. Raising awareness of our inter-connectedness and offering hope that individuals can make a difference, the "Stillness and Echoes" programme can also provide a forum for environmental organizations to bring their messages to the community.

This is ambient music at its best. Relaxing, comforting and almost 'visual'. This is a very surprising and pleasant recording. ~ Tony Bates, Highlands 100.7 FM, Victoria, Australia


Unlike a traditional concert, “Stillness and Echoes” is dedicated to helping open doors to heightened awareness. In our fast-paced world, this programme is ideal for people who seek a time and place to feel liberated, or inspired; to surrender, to reflect, or to revel in natural serenity.


Your music is very inspirational and I found myself visualizing different scenarios depending upon the emotion I felt from the piece... ~ G.T.


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What a beautiful surprise your music was! The emotions you are presenting in your pieces were almost touchable, all around me and inside me! What a beautiful feeling to lose yourself in such serene music!
~ T.V.


I am self-employed in a very high stressed occupation. Quite few times, when I visited a colleague's office she would have your CD on and I asked her about it. I felt an immediate calm come over me and the music seemed to take me back to another place and time. Now, during the course of a stressful day I put your CD on and it truly has a therapeutic and calming effect on me. The world seems like a peaceful place and troubles seem far, far away. ~ H.K.


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